’s mission is to protect our customers. No one wants to think about making their next insurance claim, but our licensed professionals work from the assumption that a claim will happen. When it does, that claim needs to be covered.

Many online insurance web sites or commercials talk about price and saving you money. While this is always an important consideration, it certainly shouldn’t be the only one. When you purchase auto, renter, or homeowners insurance, it’s important to consider a number of factors about your property and lifestyle to make sure that the things you’ve earned and the things you care about are well-protected.  Saving money up front on cheap insurance makes for a catchy slogan, but if your loss isn’t covered at the time of a claim, will those few dollars be worth it?

We want the customer to understand that insurance does not cover everything.

It is not a warranty or a maintenance agreement.  Confusion can happen when a claim occurs,  and too often that claim is not covered because a customer’s policy was not properly explained.

Insurance works on the fundamental concept of indemnification. In insurance, when a claim occurs, the policy’s objective is to restore the insured party to the same financial position that they were in prior to the loss.  The insured should not be able to profit by damage or destruction of property, nor should the insured be in a worse financial position after a loss.

Here at, our purpose is to sell competitively priced insurance policies, inform the customer about what insurance is,  and build a policy to suit their needs.  In addition, our qualified staff is trained to ask the right questions to determine a customer’s best choices for coverage.  At, coverage matters.