Auto Insurance Discounts

  • Home Ownership Discount – Owners of a home or condo can qualify.
  • Multiple Policy Discount – The more policies you have (home, auto) the lower the cost.
  • Paid-in-Full Discount – Paying for the full-term of a 6- or 12-month policy up front can reduce the cost of your policy by 5%.
  • Good Student Discount – Young drivers who are students can receive discounted rates for maintaining good academic standing (A/B average).
  • Driver Training Discount – Drivers under 21 who complete a driver-training course can qualify.
  • Student Away from Home Discount – Dependents under 25 who attend school 100 miles or more away from home are eligible.
  • Safe Driver Discount – Customers with no accidents, violations, or major comprehensive claims in their household can receive this discount.
  • Multi-Car Discount – Insuring more than one car can further reduce your rates.
  • Hybrid Vehicle Discount – Insuring a hybrid vehicle can take up to 10% off your insurance rate.
  • Early Quote Discount – Foresight can save money too. Get an advance quote may qualify you for this discount.
  • New Car Discount – Insuring a new car can provide you with even more savings. You can receive a 10% discount to your collision coverage by insuring any new current or future model car. A 7% discount applies to models a year old, and 3% to models two years old.
  • Accident Forgiveness – This can help keep your rates low even after an accident (subject to eligibility according to the requirements of your state).
  • Electronic Fund Discount – Save when you automatically deduct your insurance payments from your payroll.
  • Passive Restraint Discount – Save when your vehicle includes passive restraint systems such as airbags.
  • Anti–Theft Discount – Insuring a car with a security system or other anti-theft device could qualify you for this discount.
  • Recurring Credit Card Discount

Home Insurance Discounts

  • Loss Free discount – If your total claimed losses for the last three years total under $500, you could be entitled to additional savings.
  • Multiple Policy Discount – Insuring your vehicles, home, or high-value items together through multiple policies can make you eligible for an additional discount. Combining your home and auto insurance can save you up to 10%. Add a boat, and save up to 15%.
  • Association Discounts – Membership with some associations may qualify you for a discount as well.
  • Home Buyers Discount – Purchasing a home may also qualify you for a discount.
  • Protective Device Discount – Reductions for home protection systems like fire protection (fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, local fire alarm, central fire alarm direct fire alarm, partial sprinkler system, full sprinkler system) and burglary protection (dead bolts, local burglar alarm, central burglar alarm, direct burglar alarm, 24 hour security guard).
  • Green Home Discount – Solar panels, passive heating, or energy star certification can qualify you for a Green Home Discount.
  • Recurring Credit Card Discount
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